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Protect Your Property Value with a Pest Inspection

Buying or selling a home in Perth? Ensure a smooth transaction with a professional pest inspection from PestBan Pest Control. We protect your investment and peace of mind.

Pest Inspection

Secure Your Future Home: Pre-Purchase Pest Inspections

Buying a new home is an exciting time, but hidden termite damage or other pest infestations can turn your dream into a costly nightmare. At PestBan Pest Control, we provide comprehensive pre-purchase timber pest inspections, giving you the clarity and confidence you need to make informed decisions.

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Smooth Selling Starts with Peace of Mind

Selling your home? Attract more buyers and ensure a faster sale with a vendor pest inspection from PestBan Pest Control. We offer comprehensive pre-listing inspections that identify and address any potential pest concerns before they become deal-breakers.

Our licensed and experienced inspectors will thoroughly examine your potential property, looking for signs of termites, borers, and other wood-destroying pests. We’ll provide a detailed report highlighting any issues, allowing you to negotiate repairs or adjust your offer accordingly.

Our reports are clear, concise, and industry-compliant, giving potential buyers confidence in the pest-free status of your property. This transparency can significantly improve your negotiation leverage and lead to a quicker, smoother sale.

Avoid delays and complications. Trust PestBan Pest Control to provide a vendor pest inspection that showcases your home’s true value and attracts serious buyers.

Don’t risk unexpected surprises after closing the deal. Choose PestBan Pest Control for a pre-purchase pest inspection and invest in the security of your future home.


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Whether you’re buying or selling, ensure a safe and secure transaction with a professional pest inspection from PestBan Pest Control. We offer competitive rates and personalized service, catering to your specific needs and budget.