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    Silverfish are one of the most common pest infestations found in Australia. These silver-bodied fish-like bugs feed mostly on things containing carbohydrates and protein. But this does not mean that silverfish don’t wreck anything else in their way.

    Pest Ban provides professional silverfish control Sydney services in and around Sydney. We pride ourselves on being the most recommended pest management service by our customers throughout Australia. Our silverfish control Sydney services are also available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, and Adelaide. Get in touch with us by dialling 02 4058 2709 and get a free quote of Pest Ban silverfish control services.

    Life Cycle of Silverfish Pest

    Silverfish go through a partial metamorphosis. Their life cycle involves three stages: eggs, nymphs, and adult. It takes about 3 to 4 months for a silverfish egg to develop into full adult. Silverfishes lay more than 100 eggs at once and it takes them 4 to 6 weeks to hatch and become nymphs. During this stage, they cast their molt almost 10 times before evolving into a full adult. The length of this cycle depends upon various factors including food, humidity, and temperature. An adult silverfish can live for 2 to 8 years.

    How to Identify Silverfish Pest?

    • These pesky pests are found in multiple shades of silver and grey. They are long and slender.
    • They have flat bodies with a broad front, narrowing as you move backwards.
    • Varying in size from 5mm to 15mm, silverfish are easily recognizable due to their wingless silver bodies.
    • Silverfish have three tentacles on the tip of their belly each of which is as long as their body.
    • They also have two antenna on their head that helps them communicate with each other.
    • These pests are extremely fast. Their entire nest can scurry away to another spot within a few seconds.
    • Though they like to live in dark and damp places, silverfishes cannot swim. This proves to be an excellent silverfish prevention method.

    Getting rid of silverfish infestations can be quite tricky and requires attention of Professional Pest Control Sydney. Pest Ban offers quick, reliable, and effective silverfish control services at most reasonable prices in Australia.

    Silverfish Infestation and Habitat

    Though silverfish can infest all unclean and germ-infested premises, they prefer to live in dark, damp, and moist places. So it’s common to find them in kitchens and bathrooms. These pests are nocturnal insects, which means they are active during night. During daytime they rest and hide in cracks and crevices inside walls to avoid being spotted. One can also find silverfishes hiding inside window frames, door frames, paper, book bindings, and bookshelves. They also feed on paper, glue, and other materials with starch. It’s wise to keep photo albums in a safe place so these pests don’t eat you’re your memories.

    Silverfish pests are classified as omnivorous since they can feed on almost everything. They will feed on anything containing protein or starch such as fabrics, textiles, moist wheat flour, cereals, glues, leftover food, and wallpaper paste. They eat fungus and moulds too. Silverfish are also called scavenger pests as they move for food from one place to another very quickly.

    Hire Professional Services

    Dealing with silverfish infestation by yourself can be quite difficult. Our team of Pest Control Perth have the required skill and knowledge to identify and eliminate these pests from their roots. Call Pest Ban at 02 4058 2709 to schedule an inspection and get a free quote of our silverfish control services.

    Our professional pest controllers are available 24*7 to help with your commercial or Residential and Resturant Pest Control. You can also get in touch with us by filling out the small contact form on the right side of your screen. We also provide spider treatment in Sydney at low cost.

    Silverfish Control Sydney