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    Why Rodents Are a Cause of Concern?

    Rodents are not only tough to get rid of, but they also carry deadly germs and pathogens. They contaminate your food with their plague-ridden saliva, fur, and waste. As a matter of fact, a single rodent can contaminate more than 20 times the quantity of food it actually eats. The National Centre for Disease Control has linked the Hantavirus syndrome to rodent infestations. Hantavirus syndrome has resulted in death in more than 35% of all cases reported in Australia.
    These pests are also a host for bed bugs and flies, who can spread diseases like cholera, anthrax, dysentery, food poisoning, and typhoid fever. They can be fatal for people with weak immune systems and may cause fever, meningitis, and headaches. This illness can also result in complications in pregnant women.

    Handling wild rodent infestations by yourself is not recommended at all. These pests are armed with huge teeth which are capable of spreading variety of diseases, viruses, and bacteria through their urine, saliva, fur, and saliva.

    Do you think you have a rodent infestation in or near your property? The presence of even one rodent can be a sign of small-scale infestation. It’s best to contact professional rodents control Sydney services offered by Pest Ban for quick and effective identification and removal.

    Professional Rodent Control Services

    Pest Ban professionals are trained and experienced in not only addressing present infestations but also in preventing any future possible infestations. You can get in touch with us to schedule an inspection of your commercial or residential property for rodent infestation.

    The problems with do-it-yourself treatments is that they are not effective in addressing an entire infestation. Yes, maybe you can kill a small mouse with them, but not an entire rodent infestation. You can try various kinds of repellents and essential oils, but you’ll only end up wasting your money.

    Rodent Control Sydney

    Pest Ban is a renowned name in pest control industry for providing effective and reliable Pest Control. We recommend calling us at 02 4058 2709 immediately if you are having a rodent problem in your property.

    Why Choose Us?

    • Home is a sanctuary where your family should feel safe and secure. It’s a place that should keep your family and pets away from any danger or harm. Therefore, you don’t want any unwelcome guests and invaders in form of rodents. If you are looking for reliable pest control solutions at most reasonable prices in the city, Pest Ban is your go-to company.
    • Whether you need one time service or yearly package protection, Pest Ban allows you to Book an Appointment with its experts who can provide a wide range of professional rodent control services.
    • If you already know the species and extent of infestation, you can directly book a treatment plan. Otherwise, Pest Ban technicians will perform a thorough site inspection in order to determine the size and species of your rodent infestation.
    • Pest Ban rodent control services are executed by skilled and trained technicians. We have a background check policy for all our staff to ensure your family’s safety.
    • We use only eco-friendly solutions which keeps both you and the environment safe.

    Pest Ban Rodent Control Services

    Rodents can bring serious plagues in your home. The most important reason why you need Professional Rodent Control Service Sydney is to ensure health and safety. These pesky pests invade

    your home via small gaps, holes, cracks and crevices which might be hidden from naked eye.

    Rodents bring their entire family with them. So if you see one of these pest, you can be sure to find more of them. They can contaminate your food supplies and spread lethal illnesses like typhoid and cholera. That’s what makes Pest Ban rodent control service so vital.

    Though there are many commercial products available to kill rodents, they are often ineffective against large scale infestations. Pest Ban technicians have the required materials, tools, skill, and knowledge to deliver long term solutions. We can guarantee permanent removal of all kinds of infestations.

    Pest Ban also offers yearly package subscriptions to ensure pest free environment all year long. Get in touch with our experts by filling out small contact form on right side of your screen. Or simply give us a call at 02 4058 2709 to directly schedule an inspection and get a free quote of our rodent control services. Our expert technicians are available 24/7 to help you with all kind of pest infestations. We also provide same day indoor fly control in Sydney at low cost.