Moth Control Sydney

Presence of a moth infestations in your property can be quite frustrating. Some people also have a fear of moths known as Mottephobia. These pesky pests can cause large amount of damage in a very small period of time. They can destroy expensive fabric and clothes with which you might have emotional attachment.

No one likes to find their carefully kept wedding dress damaged, or their grandmother’s quilt filled with tiny holes. The damage caused by these pests can prove to be very expensive, much more expensive than Professional Pest Control. Pest Ban moth control Sydney service plays a major role in keeping your expensive fabrics safe.

Moth Control Service
Moth Control Service

Moth Infestation Damage

There are several moth species found in Sydney which cause significant problems. Each of these species have different preference for food materials and breeding grounds. For example:

  • Common cloth moths can create irregular cavities in clothes textiles and fabrics.
  • Case bearing moths can cause smaller, but more consistent shaped holes and cavities in clothes.
  • Brown house moths are more inclined towards materials like leather and fur.
  • White shouldered house moths do very little damage to fabrics. Instead, they feed on a wide range of human food.

Common Signs of Moth Infestation

The most common and apparent sign of moth infestation is irregular holes and cavities in textiles and fabrics. Here is a list of easy to spot signs of moth infestations in both residential and commercial property:

  • Small caterpillar-like moth larvae
  • Silk webs in form of case or tube in which moths breed and live
  • Silk cocoons of moth larvae
  • You can also find yellow-white substance left by adult moths crawling on floors

How to Prevent Moth Infestations

It can be very hard to get rid of moth infestations. So it’s wise to take preventive measures in the first place.

Moth Infestation
Moth Infestation

Here are a Few Tips from Pest Ban Technicians to Prevent Moth Infestations in Both Commercial and Residential Property:

  • Clear out wardrobes and clean them thoroughly. Repeat this process at regular intervals as moths like to infest in dark and damp places.
  • Clean vacuum bags regularly to get rid of any moth eggs and larvae trapped inside them.
  • Moth larvae also find towels, curtains, linens, and soft furnishings quite tasty. Don’t store such fabrics without drying them properly.
  • Wash down cabinets, drawers, and cupboards, particularly cracks and crevices in walls where moth eggs may might be hidden.
  • Keep textile containers, bags, and suitcases clean and dry as they are perfect breeding grounds for moths.

Pest Ban Moth Control Services

You can get in touch with Pest Ban technicians by filling out small contact form on right side of your screen. You can also call us directly at 07 3050 0758 to schedule an inspection and get a free quote of our moth control Sydney services.