How Does Pest Control Help To Get Rid Of Moths In The House?

Any pest infestation will only worsen with time, making it difficult for homeowners to find adequate solutions. And moth infestation is one among them because not only do they ruin your clothes and carpets, but they can cost you a lot of money.

However, with the help of early inspection and pest control Sydney, it will help to implement customized solutions to the root of the problem. Local exterminators understand the cause of the problem and ensure the target treatment to get rid of moths. Today we are here to guide homeowners about moth issues.

Identifying The Moth Issue In Your Home.

Moths can be present in your home, from your cupboard to your carpets or food storage area.

Clothes Moth

The primary sign of an infestation is holes in clothes, sweaters. However, only two moth’s species that commonly infest the clothes in Australia are the case making clothes moths and webbing clothes moths. They are about 1 cm long and grey and yellow.

Carpet Moths

If you find the larva, fur, feathers, and dull appearance of your carpets, it indicates that carpet moth has infested your carpet.

Pantry Moths

Unlike carpet and clothes moth, pantry moths are difficult to identify in the early stage. This is because they attack an open packet of food such as flour, oats etc.

Treatment For Moth Infestation

Once you have identified the moths in your home, the next step is to take moth control treatment. However, you can do the following steps to get rid of the moth:


Inspect the cupboard, clothes, drawers, sections, and carpet’s hidden area closely and check eggs larva, droppings.


Thoroughly clean your cupboard, wash your clothes and carpets, and keep your home clean and well maintained by vacuuming regularly.

Discard The Old Items:

Discard the damaged clothes and old items to reduce further infestation.

Reduce The Heat:

Moth loves the humid and warm places, so lower the surrounding temperature.

Monitor For Future Infestation:

Sometimes cleaning and vacuuming will not stop the future infestation, though. Make sure you wash and dry the clothes properly before keeping them in the closet.

If All Fails, Take The Pest Control Service.

If all your attempts fail to stop them from coming back to your home, it is time to seek professional help. A professional exterminator will examine if cleanliness issues or structural imbalances allow them to come back. And ensure you with proper treatment to terminate a future infestation.


Unfortunately, pest issues often don’t resolve themselves with DIY methods. And, by delaying treatment, you are inviting yourself for additional expenses and replacements. So, tackling a moth infestation at the earliest is the best option to avoid them.