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    Fly Control Sydney: Fly infestations can be a major nuisance in both commercial and residential properties. Common species found in Australia such as fruit fly and house fly are known to cause a variety of harmful diseases, including cholera, dysentery, leprosy, and food poisoning. Fly infestations are a common source of food poisoning and food contamination. When these pesky pests infest your homes and land on your premises, they spread multiple pathogens and bacteria they carry on their limbs by rubbing them off.

    Fly infestations can multiply and spread quickly throughout a neighborhood. Calling a reputed pest management company that provides professional fly control services should be your first course of action. It is your best bet in eliminating the infestation of these pests and preventing them from recurring. The sight of flies is considered highly unpleasant. It can destroy the hard work you put into building a reputation for your business. Professional Fly Control Sydney service is particularly vital for companies that handle food, such as restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools, grocery stores, and food processing facilities.

    Dangers of Fly Infestations

    Fly infestations can be harmful to you and your family in large number of ways. We recommend calling Pest Ban fly control services immediately when you spot any signs of fly infestations.

    • These pesky, but harmful, pests can transmit several type of deadly diseases to both humans and pets, such as food poisoning, dysentery, cholera, rotavirus, anthrax, trachoma, and typhoid fever.
    • Fly infestations in commercial premises can result in loss of profit and reputation. Restaurants and hotels can also get their license cancelled for large scale infestations. Presence of these pests project a negative image in minds of customers and give them the impression that your business is unsanitary.
    • Some fly species like deer flies are also known to bite humans and suck their blood. This causes itchy red marks that can lead to infection.
    • If left uncontrolled, a minor fly problem can turn into full-fledged fly infestation in less than a week. Most species of flies are able to complete their life cycle within 4 to 6 days.

    Fly Control Sydney

    Pest Ban Fly Control Services

    Pest Ban has its own treatment procedure which we customize according to your budget and your needs. Our experts will inspect your property to determine size and species of infestation, on the basis of which they will act.

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    You can get in touch with our experts by filling out the small form on right side of your screen. Our pest technicians will get back to you within 24 hours.

    Inspection: –

    Our fly control service technician will inspect your commercial or residential property for signs of nest. You can schedule the appointment as per your convenience. On the basis of results, Pest Ban will tailor a solution to your fly infestation.

    Fly Removal Treatment in Sydney: –

    Pest Ban certified and licensed technicians will carry out fly removal treatments at any time convenient to you and your family. Our solutions are 100% environment friendly and non-toxic.

    Post Service Assistance: –

    Pest Ban guarantees a pest free environment for certain period of time depending on the pest treatment. You can call us if your problem is not resolved and or if the pests return within the guarantee period.

    Call Pest Ban today at 02 4058 2709 to schedule an inspection and get a free quote of our fly control services. We also provide same day cockroach treatment in Sydney at low cost.