Ant Control Sydney

Ant Control Sydney: While there are wide range of commercial pest control products available for ant infestations, they are not much effective in addressing the roots of problem. A successful ant control Sydney service requires professional knowledge and experience to prevent reappearance of ants.

Pest Ban Ant Control Sydney Services

Pest Ban technicians are trained and qualified Ant Control Sydney experts. Our team comprises of only state certified and licensed pest controllers who are encouraged to partake frequently in training programs to update their skills and knowledge. Pest Ban understands the pattern and behaviour of every ant species and uses this knowledge to customize a treatment plan for your property. We also understand your concern for safety of your family, friends, and business. Therefore, our staff has to pass a background check before joining us.

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    Ant Control Service for Residential Premises

    We know how tempting those YouTube videos about do-it-yourself pest treatments can be. But they are often ineffective and their results are simulated. Many of our previous customers will tell you how disastrous DIY chemicals actually are. A small ant problem can turn into massive health problems. Hence, we recommend seeking the help of professional Pest Ban ant control services before situation gets out of hand.

    We start by doing a thorough inspection of your property to identify key areas of infestation and the location of colony. Once we have recognized the size and species of infestation, we use a wide range of eco-friendly solutions to deal with them successfully. We can assure 100% effective treatment of your ant problem.

    Pest Ban pest control techniques target specific species of ant infestation to eliminate the nest quickly; while making sure your family and pets remain safe. Once the infestation has been completely eradicated, we also take preventive measures to ensure that they do not return. We also give tips to protect you and your family from future infestation. For example, you should always keep food inside sealed containers.

    Call Pest Ban at 02 4058 2709 to schedule an inspection of your residential property and get a free quote of our ant control Sydney services.

    Ant Control Service for Commercial Premises

    Ants are even bigger nuisance in commercial premises. Not only they cost you thousands of dollars by destroying food supplies, ant infestation can also damage the reputation of your business. This is especially true for businesses which are in food industry.

    Commercial premises such as restaurants, pubs, hospitals, warehouses, and offices need to ensure that they maintain a standard level of hygiene. Unchecked ant infestations can wreak havoc in commercial properties.

    • Wastage of Supplies – Ants can contaminate valuable food supplies which will be then thrown away. This will increase the accumulated losses of your company as such supplies cause both money and resources.
    • Hazardous Diseases – Ant infestations in premises like care homes and hospitals can spread deadly pathogens. This can also lead residents and patients to question sanitation and hygiene standards in your business.
    • Loss of Reputation – Reputation and profit goes hand in hand. Loss of reputation will be subsequently reflected in profits of your business.

    Pest Ban Ant Infestation Treatment Sydney

    Pest Ban understands the pattern and behaviour of all species of ants found in Sydney. We offer targeted and discreet ant control services. Our services are safe for both your family and your property. Our experts adopt the following course of action to provide effective ant control Sydney services:

    • We schedule and conduct a thorough inspection of your property as per your convenience.
    • Our technicians will customize a treatment suitable to your ant infestation. We also give you an estimate of cost of treatment.
    • The technicians will apply special eco-friendly solutions to eliminate ant colonies.
    • Pest Ban also offers yearly package services to ensure year round pest free environment.

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    It is highly recommended to seek help from Cheap Ant Control Sydney. You can get in touch with our experts by filling out the small contact form on right side of your screen. Or simply give us a call at 02 4058 2709 to schedule an inspection as per your convenience. Pest Ban services are available 24*7 to help you with all kinds of pest infestations including, rodents, spiders, silverfish, bees, moth and Cockroach Control Services.